Tailor-made Outbound Services For B2B / B2C Campaigns

At Cyberwave, we have an extensive range of multilingual outbound services that help our clients in growing their business. We have the expertise and skilled manpower to set up and manage large outbound processes which generate selling opportunities and strengthens the customer relationship.

Our outbound call center services include –

Lead Generation

Lead generation refers to creation or generation of prospective consumer interest into a product or service. Cyberwave has the expertise to provide you with quality leads that will boost your sales. Through our network of call centers, we carry out market surveys that help us to generate fresh leads with a high conversion rate

Collection and Recovery

Our Collections and Recovery services aid financial institutions, multinational corporations and small businesses in managing their accounts receivables portfolios. Our services help our clients recover their accounts receivables fast.

Appointment Setting

This has turned out to be a pivotal call center service over the years. This is one of the call center services that firms offer for office appointments, reservations and service schedules for various events, seminars and others.

Market Research and Survey

Market research is essential to gather crucial information and current market trends, the buying patterns of customers, competitor analysis, and potential area of growth. With your help, we prepare the questionnaire and carry out survey and research that can help your business understand the market condition and decide its business strategy.


A lot of charities need to outsource non-profit fundraising campaigns for different causes. At Cyberwave, we offer fundraising services to these organizations to help them raise money for noble causes.


Cross-Selling and Up-selling

We also provide cross-selling and up-selling services that aid in the expansion of the client’s market and facilitate business growth.

3rd Party Verification

Through third-party verification, businesses can get information about customers and employees verified by an independent service provider. Our team of experts understands the importance of having validated information readily available for any organization. And that this why they ensure quality service delivery.

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