Helping Industries, Companies and Beyond

In its 10 years of experience, Cyberwave has maintained a consistent track record of delivering high quality call center outsourcing services to a number of businesses from different industry verticals. From customer support to industry-specific call center services, we offer our clients every assistance they need to achieve success.

Take a quick look at how we contribute to the success of our clients from different industries.


Cyberwave has worked with a number of financial institutions. For them, we have handled processes such as-


Healthcare industry has benefited from our outsourcing services that include inbound services, outbound services, tech support, back office services and virtual assistant services. The services we provide our clients from healthcare industry include-


A number of our clients work in the telecommunication industry. We help telecommunication companies unlock the true potential of their value chain. Our telecom outsourcing solutions, delivered from our contact centers around the globe, bring you a range of outsourcing services including –

Retail / Consumer Goods

Cyberwave has provided outsourcing assistance to a number of retail chains and consumer goods manufacturers who have sought our assistance in-


The e-commerce industry is experiencing rapid growth at the moment. As a result, it requires a lot of help with its non-core tasks. With its wide range of outsourcing services, Cyberwave can offer E-commerce businesses assistance in –

Travel and Tourism

We have also served a number of clients from travel and tourism industry ranging from airlines to travel agencies. Our BPO service for travel and tourism industry includes the following services:

Software / Technology

We have successfully assisted a number of companies from software / technology industry with our extensive range of call center services. The services we offer to software / technology industry are as follows:


Cyberwave has worked with a number of educational institutions. The services we have offered our clients from education industry include:

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